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Marie Montibert

Wine Is The New Love – Couple Shoot


« Wine Is The New Love » is the name I gave to this article to illustrate the love of those two lovers. We made this engagement session with Anne & Jeremy last year. In Autumn. Roughly, one year ago. The leaves were incandescent, full of colors. The nature was nature was ready to fall asleep for the winter months to come and awake for their wedding… It was not so simple. Covid has changed plans. They should got married the 4th of April and finally they cancelled. No choice.

But anyway, go back to the photos and the photo shoot. This moment was amazing. The mild temperatures for the season and the perfect weather let us enjoy the moment. I took some photographs till the sunset. And their dog just met us at the end of the photo sessions just to make me a smile! « Wine Is The New Love – Couple Shoot »

I just want to say to this couple a big thank you for their trust, even though our roads have separated. A big thank you to let me sharing those photos of their photo shoot. And a VERY BIG … CONGRATULATIONS! Thy finally go to wed the 3rd of October on the top of the mountains. I wish them all my best wishes for the wedding and their couple/family life!

If you or someone you know, like my job. Better love my job! Just feel free to let me a comment. You wish to have a look on my instagram? You wish planning a photo session, just contact me through my form, let’s talk and smile!

Wine Is The New Love – Couple Shoot


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Gold & Colza Engagement Session


«Gold & Colza Engagement session» is Kelly and Sébastien. A spring day. A green setting isolated in our beautiful mountains. A couple with playful looks and terribly in love. Cheerfulness and Lightness too.

Here are all the elements put together for an extraordinary Gold & Colza engagement session. After a difficult quarantine, we finally regain our freedom, and what better than a lush forest on the eve of a hot summer? To tell the truth, I like to find myself in the middle of nature while life resumes with the arrival of spring. And of course our appointment takes place during the famous Golden Hour. Indeed, I like this very special moment of the day when the sun begins to set and offer my lens a soft and diffuse light.

So we enter the forest, in Echallens, a place that our newlyweds cherish and that they make me discover. Quickly the cheerfulness comes after over the reserve while the sun plays hide and seek with the bare branches of the trees and I capture these few stolen kisses…

While the bursts of laughs punctuate this encounter, the two lovers gather around a glass of wine as an appetiser. Did you said relaxed? Yes and even better: relaxed! Because we get to know each other, we share an unforgettable moment where I capture the complicity of these two lovers. I had a lot of fun taking part in this session in this very nice and quiet place.

The minutes are spent in the peacefulness of the twilight. The setting sun bathes our two lovers in a magnificent golden and yellow light. The warm rays are visible and reflected on the gold-coloured flowers of Colza. This is probably the culmination of this engagement session where the sweetness that binds these two singular beings becomes more and more present.

I look forward to meeting them again to share this important day when they will say yes: August 14. Kelly and Sébastien, thank you so much for sharing this engagement session with us.

And to conclude, if you also want to share a moment together in the spring, write me ! If you are interested in a walk in this beautiful forest, you will find the Geographic coordinates here.

« Gold & Colza Engagement Session »


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Engagement Session at the Mountains


J&J chose to do their engagement session in the mountains, in the middle of winter. While there was snow… Why?

I admit that most engagement sessions, or couple photo sessions, are held in the spring, summer, or fall. But in winter, taking pictures is not common. And above all, it’s not that simple. Even if you always choose a good day, it’s cold… And when it’s cold, you usually wear a coat. Except that for the photos wearing a coat is not really sexy, even if I grant you some coats are ultra hot! So you have to agree to take off the coat for a few pictures! And on the other hand, the vegetation has slow activity. It is not lush and blooming…

Well in fact it is in all this that lies the interest to make his « engagement session in the mountains » in the middle of winter. For starters, you will never have the pictures of Mr and Mrs. EVERYBODY. Taking your photos in the winter is certainly the risk of catching a little cooling, cold (and in these Covid times we do not). But there is little chance because deep down the cold alone, in the sun will not hurt you much. So relax, you risk nothing….

Then what is more beautiful than a snowy landscape? What is wilder? What is more authentic? Honestly, for me there is little. The reflections of the water at sunset, a sky at dusk, the rays of the sun through the trees. I’m such a fan that we immortalised my pregnancy in a photoshoot, feet in the snow and eyes lost in the snowflakes. I ended up naked (or almost) under the snow and I wasn’t even cold! So you see!!

And then there’s the heart that speaks. When you’ve been playing hockey since you were a child and you’ve dedicated a part of your life, and you’ve met the love of your life on the benches of the rink, can you tell me which element you’re closest to when you shoot your photoshoot? Snow, ice… To tell the truth, originally, we looked for all the ice rinks a bit nice in French-speaking Switzerland. The ones that were open to skate on in this not-so-cold winter… And unfortunately… we didn’t find any before the lockdown and the covid… So we chose for the return of the snow for the « engagement session at the mountains » and to enjoy the last snowflakes before the thaw period.

Right, I let you look at the photos of their couple session and if you want to go discover a new snowy place with me! You write to me! Or watch my instagram !

Engagement Session at the Mountains

Marie Montibert Engagement Session at the MountainsMarie-Monbitbert_Seance-Engagement_Hiver-Montagnes-Neige-Hockey_Les-Mosses-La-Lécherette_2_BLOGMarie-Monbitbert_Seance-Engagement_Hiver-Montagnes-Neige-Hockey_Les-Mosses-La-Lécherette_7_BLOG

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Couple session: the parenthesis of V & R

Couple session: the parenthesis of V & R The joy of life I meet again for the couple session with Vanessa and Rémi at the lake of Neufchatel, yes and it is a session commitment. Vanessa and Rémi are the definitions of the joy of life and spontaneity. And since this is an exceptional couple … Lire la suite


« S’aimer de Travers » or in Val De Travers, this is the love of Carolyn & Michael during their engagement session on the family farm. Farm that will host their wedding this summer. WHAT IF WE LOVED EACH OTHER TO VAL DE TRAVERS? I had the chance to meet our two lovers, Carolyn and Michael, in … Lire la suite

Vegetal poetry, the couple session of M&O


« Vegetal poetry, the couple session of M&O » where the art of subtracting from reality to spend a perfect moment. I found Marion and Olivier during an engagement session in an intimate atmosphere full of vegetal poetry. While waiting for the big day when they will say yes, we organized this photo session on the shores … Lire la suite


MARION & XAVIER’S COUNTRY WEDDING Marion and Xavier met at a Swiss folk music festival three years earlier. It was love at first sight and they have never left each other. And in a few moments, they will meet in front of their family and friends to seal their union in a secular meeting during … Lire la suite

E&T’s Couple Session

A privileged setting for a couple’s session The couple session with Elodie and Thierry takes place in Thonon-Les-Bains on the French side… Because from there you can see our beautiful Switzerland so much better. Located in the heart of the Ripaille forest, the eponymous gardens offer a privileged setting for this beautiful day. Elodie and … Lire la suite

Cozy Winter Wedding



« Cozy Winter Wedding » is the charm of a different kind of wedding through the images of an inspiration shoot. As the name suggests, I take you to experience a winter wedding in the heart of Zermatt.

First of all, it must be said that Zermatt is a true winter tale of endless pleasures. A distinguished and luxurious ski resort where Swiss families like to meet every year during the winter. Lovers like to propose to each other there. We didn’t actually go all the way to Zermatt, but you could be mistaken. It was actually at the Garden Centre Schiliger that this wedding inspiration took place. A peaceful and timeless environment allowed us to experience a moment of sharing for all the providers and happiness for our couple on the day.

Every year at this time, the Garden Center brings the Christmas spirit to life, creating a magical atmosphere. This year they chose to miniaturise Zermatt. So we are instantly transported into the long winter evenings: Mountain atmosphere and wooden chalets. It is in this spirit that the whole team has mobilised to create photos that pay tribute to the work of the garden centre. Accompanied by Mehdi, my fellow videographer, I join the rest of the team. Excitement.


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A Copper Love in Bulle


« A Copper Love in Bulle » is two lovers, having a walk in a morning of January for their Engagement Session. Léna & Seb got married the last weekend. I was by their side and I want to congratulate them on this amazing day! I wish them as much happiness and love as life foresees for them.

This is another moment that I take for the couple. Another moment that we spent together in a friendly and warm atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to get to know couples better. I will spend an entire day with them and their family. I will push the intimacy doors and that’s so important to be in a good mind.

« A Copper Loe In Bulle » is the best time you can spend with your partner. You leave everything of the daily routine in the car and you share a present, strong and real moment with him-her. No distraction, just the smile of the one you love. No one to interrupt you. You can connect yourself to your love and live purely in the moment. And you get photos for that! Hehe! Thank you so much Léna & Seb for your trust and to let me share those photos! You illuminate my eyes each time I watch your photos.



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