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Marie Montibert

A Copper Love in Bulle


« A Copper Love in Bulle » is two lovers, having a walk in a morning of January for their Engagement Session. Léna & Seb got married the last weekend. I was by their side and I want to congratulate them on this amazing day! I wish them as much happiness and love as life foresees for them.

This is another moment that I take for the couple. Another moment that we spent together in a friendly and warm atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to get to know couples better. I will spend an entire day with them and their family. I will push the intimacy doors and that’s so important to be in a good mind.

« A Copper Loe In Bulle » is the best time you can spend with your partner. You leave everything of the daily routine in the car and you share a present, strong and real moment with him-her. No distraction, just the smile of the one you love. No one to interrupt you. You can connect yourself to your love and live purely in the moment. And you get photos for that! Hehe! Thank you so much Léna & Seb for your trust and to let me share those photos! You illuminate my eyes each time I watch your photos.






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