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Marie Montibert

Custom Made Suit

Suit ? Did you say handsome groom in a custom made suit for your wedding and chic and shocking? You are at the right place. Christelle Dumas of the workshop on measure presents us her work during a live instagram that you can find here. It’s a family story in fact in her store in Sion, in Valais, Christelle, her brother and Patrick receive you in the pretty store to create with you the perfect custom suit for your wedding.



No matter what your morphology, Christelle and her team adapt to your body to offer you the freedom to be who you are! Your tastes and desires are the starting point of their work no matter what the occasion: from business suits to wedding suits to casual looks. And who are the suppliers of the Custom Shop? All suppliers are trusted companies that offer quality work and have a solid reputation. Each step of the production process is done in a rigorous way. Nothing is left to chance.


The process of creation and design for a wedding, it takes 2 months before the wedding for a realization at rest. First of all, the groom who comes to the store is invited to choose his fabric, it is this primordial choice which is at the origin of the final style of the costume. You can choose between 5000 different fabrics available! What to give free rein to your imagination. The fabrics come mainly from Italy and England, the clothes are made in Italy for the suits and the shoes or accessories in Spain. The choice of fabric determines the final price of the suit. For a two-piece suit, the price is around 495FR. Most of the time for a 3 piece suit and a shirt you have to count around 1400FR for a top of the range suit. Then come the choices of options that will make your piece a unique garment for your wedding: Shape, cut, button color, stitching, shape of the lapel, satin, etc.. These customizations are included in the price of the suit. Once the fabric and options are chosen, let’s move on to the measuring stage to make the perfect suit! When we receive the suit, you come and try it on. If it fits perfectly, which is usually the case, you leave with it, otherwise we make alterations that take only a few days.


Right now the 20’s are in style with men going for the Peaky Blinders look! For winter weddings, men are fond of coats and booties that are elegant for their D-day. Strict suits are no longer the order of the day, so we’re going for mismatched or printed styles. If you want to get some ideas for your wedding, check out my wedding photos here.
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Custom Made Suit

Suit ? Did you say handsome groom in a custom made suit for your wedding and chic and shocking? You are at the right place.