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Marie Montibert

Vegetal poetry, the couple session of M&O


« Vegetal poetry, the couple session of M&O » where the art of subtracting from reality to spend a perfect moment.

I found Marion and Olivier during an engagement session in an intimate atmosphere full of vegetal poetry. While waiting for the big day when they will say yes, we organized this photo session on the shores of Lake Gruyère and more precisely at the beach of Morlon.

We had a moment of serenity, as if we had escaped time. Of course, the bucolic setting plunged us into an atmosphere of great tranquility. You know, dear reader, my pronounced taste for beautiful spaces. Again, I had the chance to discover a beautiful place. But it is Marion and Olivier who knew how to transmit through my objective this sweetness that binds them. Their attachment is so present that I immediately attached myself to these two lovers. Their embrace is sincere, it bears witness to deep and boundless love.

– An idyllic setting, a perfect day –

I won’t lie to you, we were lucky. Time was perfectly attuned to the good mood, the sensitivity of Marion, and the tranquility of Olivier. Sheltered by the shade of the trees, the session runs smoothly. The tenderness and affection that the two future bridegrooms feel, transport them in a moment when love becomes stronger. I capture this moment and when I think about it, the laughs and the sound of water come back to me as a flashback. A change of scenery at the edge of the pebble cove, we think we are teleported in a calanque of the Mediterranean Sea.

I am really looking forward to their marriage, which will no doubt be marked by love and tenderness. But in the meantime, if you would like to meet me too, on the shores of a lake or over a coffee, do not hesitate to contact me. Whether for a mini session, a proposal session, or for marriage and elopement, I will always be an attentive ear.

« Vegetal poetry, the couple session of M&O »


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