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Marie Montibert


« S’aimer de Travers » or in Val De Travers, this is the love of Carolyn & Michael during their engagement session on the family farm. Farm that will host their wedding this summer.


I had the chance to meet our two lovers, Carolyn and Michael, in Val de travers. We had an appointment on Michael’s farm. What could be better than fields and forests to take pictures of this beautiful couple? I must admit I had the chance to go for a horse ride before the session, so I was in a great mood for the whole week after that!

A Harmonious Couple

There are those couples where love is a given. This is the case, very clearly, when I photograph the very sunny Carolyn and her adorable future husband. They are in perfect harmony and if I dare the metaphor, I could even say that they vibrate in unison to create a perfect melody. Listen to these photos of their affection and smiles and you’ll hear this sweet and harmonious music.

Lunch on the Grass

You’re beginning to know me, I’m a bit of an epicurean (a lot even). So when it’s time to share a convivial moment, I never say no. As you may have noticed, a moment of tenderness around beautiful homemade cakes always gives rise to tasteful souvenir photos.

Congratulations to the Happy Parents

I didn’t know it at the time but a happy surprise was in the works… Carolyn and Michael became the happy parents of a little Noémie to whom I wish all the happiness and love in the world. Surrounded by these wonderful parents, she is already pampered and adored!

What if we met?

You don’t need a horseback ride to start a photo shoot. You are reassured! A beautiful place, smiles and connivance are more than enough. And if you’re not sure about the place, the atmosphere, or even your choice of clothes: contact me! I have as much pleasure to inform you and guide you as to take pictures.


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