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Marie Montibert

Engagement Session at the Mountains


J&J chose to do their engagement session in the mountains, in the middle of winter. While there was snow… Why?

I admit that most engagement sessions, or couple photo sessions, are held in the spring, summer, or fall. But in winter, taking pictures is not common. And above all, it’s not that simple. Even if you always choose a good day, it’s cold… And when it’s cold, you usually wear a coat. Except that for the photos wearing a coat is not really sexy, even if I grant you some coats are ultra hot! So you have to agree to take off the coat for a few pictures! And on the other hand, the vegetation has slow activity. It is not lush and blooming…

Well in fact it is in all this that lies the interest to make his « engagement session in the mountains » in the middle of winter. For starters, you will never have the pictures of Mr and Mrs. EVERYBODY. Taking your photos in the winter is certainly the risk of catching a little cooling, cold (and in these Covid times we do not). But there is little chance because deep down the cold alone, in the sun will not hurt you much. So relax, you risk nothing….

Then what is more beautiful than a snowy landscape? What is wilder? What is more authentic? Honestly, for me there is little. The reflections of the water at sunset, a sky at dusk, the rays of the sun through the trees. I’m such a fan that we immortalised my pregnancy in a photoshoot, feet in the snow and eyes lost in the snowflakes. I ended up naked (or almost) under the snow and I wasn’t even cold! So you see!!

And then there’s the heart that speaks. When you’ve been playing hockey since you were a child and you’ve dedicated a part of your life, and you’ve met the love of your life on the benches of the rink, can you tell me which element you’re closest to when you shoot your photoshoot? Snow, ice… To tell the truth, originally, we looked for all the ice rinks a bit nice in French-speaking Switzerland. The ones that were open to skate on in this not-so-cold winter… And unfortunately… we didn’t find any before the lockdown and the covid… So we chose for the return of the snow for the « engagement session at the mountains » and to enjoy the last snowflakes before the thaw period.

Right, I let you look at the photos of their couple session and if you want to go discover a new snowy place with me! You write to me! Or watch my instagram !

Engagement Session at the Mountains

Marie Montibert Engagement Session at the MountainsMarie-Monbitbert_Seance-Engagement_Hiver-Montagnes-Neige-Hockey_Les-Mosses-La-Lécherette_2_BLOGMarie-Monbitbert_Seance-Engagement_Hiver-Montagnes-Neige-Hockey_Les-Mosses-La-Lécherette_7_BLOG


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