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Marie Montibert

E&T’s Couple Session

A privileged setting for a couple’s session

The couple session with Elodie and Thierry takes place in Thonon-Les-Bains on the French side… Because from there you can see our beautiful Switzerland so much better. Located in the heart of the Ripaille forest, the eponymous gardens offer a privileged setting for this beautiful day.

Elodie and Thierry form a bright and smiling couple. A good mood is immediately established and a bond is forged between us. Connivance breaks out and we laugh together. The branches of the trees form a protective vault in our path.

The trail takes us to a bright forest lined with bamboo. It’s time to take out my secret weapon: smoke! White and red, symbols of love and passion. The colours fly in the air and spread out under the light wind to sublimate this tender kiss.

On the shores of Lake Leman

And step by step, we arrive on a beautiful pebble beach on the shores of Lake Leman. The sun at the end of the day is reflected on the water. Elodie, sheltered from her large elegant hat, enjoys the sunray. The light is perfect at this time of day and it is not for nothing that it is called the « golden hour ».

And finally, but the pictures don’t show it, we watched the sun setting while sipping a Swiss beer, well deserved.

I would have the enormous pleasure of meeting our future bride and groom at the end of August 2021 to attend their union on the slopes in Moulins. I will capture with my camera lens this moment so special in their life, and so unforgettable. And the theme «Champagne and Games» predicts photos rich in emotion and good mood! If you liked this session, do not hesitate and contact me. We will look together for a place that will suit you in order to offer a beautiful setting for your couples’ session.


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