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Marie Montibert



Marion and Xavier met at a Swiss folk music festival three years earlier. It was love at first sight and they have never left each other. And in a few moments, they will meet in front of their family and friends to seal their union in a secular meeting during a country wedding and nice rituals… but before that, there are the preparations!


On the one hand, the groom and his witnesses put on their beautiful matching bow ties and their suit. The color code is set: shades of blue and a touch of good humor. Smiles on each lip and elegance to the end of the nails, it’s a real pleasure to photograph these gentlemen.

I also had the chance to participate in Marion’s preparations. Between the elegant jewelry, the elaborate hairstyle with fresh flowers and the natural makeup, our bride is ravishing. Her Pronovia’s dress, bought at O’Scarlett in Annecy, highlights her long curves while the lace runs along her back. The wedding rings are in their letter box. They wait patiently to take part in the story to write a new page of happiness.



Marion and Xavier chose the Lignon farm to organize the ceremony and reception of their country wedding. A country decoration, straw bales and a flowered arch crown the two lovers of the day. The tender testimonies of their relatives and friends bring emotion to this already poignant moment.

The ritual of the sand is a must for our bride and groom. Do you know the double meaning of this one? Its primary meaning is: union. Once your sands are poured into the common vase, it is impossible to separate them, they are linked for life just like the two young spouses. The second meaning is the respect of the singularity of each spouse. Each sand was chosen for its color and represents a personality, even mixed, the sand retains its initial color. All this to say that even married, we keep our particularities within the couple. Thus Marion and Xavier are united for life, they form a couple but remain themselves. And that’s how their family and friends love them!

And to refresh themselves, what could be better than the ritual of the union cocktail? Shaker and bubbles are in order and seal the end of the ceremony on an epicurean and festive touch.


A moment of tenderness for our two newlyweds. Complicit smiles, good mood and sweet kisses punctuate this calm interlude in the tumult of a wedding day.


The wedding hall was decorated according to the simple but refined country wedding theme. White, green and wood were the main components of the handmade decorations. Surprises from friends and family lead to laughter and then comes the breathtaking ball opening! The witnesses and the bride and groom put on a real show worthy of professionals! And then the whole assembly joined Marion and Xavier for a wild dance.


Whether your wedding takes place in a church or your secular ceremony is organized in another place, I will be there for you. I know many different rituals but also beautiful places. Whether you wish to celebrate your union in a country setting or in a luxurious one, I will be able to guide you and make beautiful pictures. Contact me for more information.

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