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Marie Montibert

What I like about wedding photography


I wanted to talk to you successfully about what I particularly like about wedding photography.


First of all, I think it’s a pile of little things, little reasons that create a big package. A marriage is first of all a union between two unique people. It is also your story, of your couple, the union of your two personalities. A day when your special love is celebrated. It is above all your couple, your love that I celebrate, that I immortalize.



The advantage of the festivities that allow so many people to converge for the same reason in the same place is to put all these ordinary emotions so modest at the service of my photography. Emotions are governed in my opinion by the same laws whether they are contained by one person or by ten. If one of the bulwark imposed by society, I mean social discomfort, as it will be said, the alter ego, weakens it then leaves room for a number of sincere feelings. We are not all equal when it comes to managing emotions. Women in particular are more sensitive and let themselves be carried away by their sensitivity more easily.

And thanks to a plural of other human behaviors such as mimicry or empathy, the emotions of one can become the emotions of the other. And it is there that you will have guessed, the laughter and the tears of happiness are appearing and that I take pleasure in seizing the moment!


What I like are your emotions, especially when you flip through the photos in your wedding photo album. The report of your marriage that shows these little things that you found beautiful or these great details so important to you.

What I love are your eyes and your smiles when you discover your portraits of newlyweds. Where you are, yourself, magnified by your strong and sincere emotions.
Obviously each of your portraits including those of your loved ones is retouched after the shooting. But I’m trying to recreate this magic moment go beyond the camera, to help you refocus on your relationship, on the extraordinary moment that you are experiencing by generating real emotions.


The magic of my work and the fundamental interaction with others are in these elements that you offer me unconditionally and without even knowing it. This is what drives me and makes me love wedding photography above all. You can find a lot of information on my instagram. Or contact me!



Marie Montibert Wedding Photography
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