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HOW choosING well THE RIGHT wedding photographer


This one day I got married – at the time, I had no idea that photography would be part of my life in this way – and like you I was looking for the photographer who would capture this unique day that I had been preparing with affection and expectation for weeks. How choosing the right wedding photographer, and more importantly, how do you do it well? That’s how we chose the PERSON…




At the beginning, like many of you, we had an overall budget for marriage. According to the many blogs we’d browsed, the “photographer” position had to match about 12% of our overall envelope… This defined amount we went in quote quest. After a while we made an observation… The photographers who were in our budget didn’t suit us. They weren’t like us— No desire to choose a photographer who displays vulgar and common photos on his stand or website. Super saturated, screaming colors… No, it wasn’t us.


And then we realized that we weren’t ready to choose a photographer just to fit into our budget. Our beautiful day would only happen once! No second chance possible. We were now aware that the choice we were going to make would leave beautiful memories or bitter disappointments. In the same period of time, we had asked for other offers from other photographers whose work we liked more. There were those who had experience, the others marked and original styles and very little experience or even fame. We had to make a choice.


We still had an envelope that we couldn’t exceed. 3000chf. So we went on each websites of them and excluded the candidates based on the award. From then on everything was played out on the sensitivity of my future husband and of myself to each other’s work. There was an already well-known man, a young woman with no real experience near Annecy – the city where we were going to get married – and a young woman from Brittany at the beginning of her career. I was the one who insisted that we choose this last last woman.




All his work pleased me, the colors, the plays of light, I liked everything in his photos. So we met this person and some time later validate our choice. We had to take over the accommodation and the train in addition to the package we had chosen. In the end we still exceeded our maximum budget of 3000chf. We made efforts on the decoration that I largely realized alone or by-myself. Put a little more aside than expected. Cut the flower budget…. But quite frankly today we don’t regret it. Opening our wedding book is a real delight that we do not regret 4 years later the efforts brought out by this choice! No one could have photographed our wedding better!


In summary, I am the first to be aware of the need to establish a budget. Besides that, because I got married before anything else, I know that there is very little left in the daily life of this unique and significant day of your life. A ring on your finger, a family booklet in a drawer, a dress wrapped in its box and stored in the attic, a costume that the gentleman can hand out from time to time, and memories gathered in this photo album of your wedding stored on a shelf…


Without a photo book your wedding will be summed up in sweet memories, that an aging breeze will eventually disappear in the whirls of time and disease… I do not wish it, but the truth is there. Indeed, it is the pretty photos of your photographer whose eye and style you have chosen that will be the only ramparts against forgetting. This is why in a certain way I sermonise for my profession I am aware of it. But above all I preach for you. So as not to be disappointed one day that you can’t show your children or grandchildren how your beautiful marriage was. To forget the colour of your husband’s costume…


Or even worse, having photos that are too dark or too light, photos that you don’t like because of the values they convey… That’s why today I share my experience as a bride precisely, but also mom and friend, do not take the first photographer come because he or she is in your budget without appreciating his style and values! Yes but if it is out of budget? And clearly you are facing a dilemma that only you, can solve. Maybe it’s time to skip the decorating, or better to do it yourself, or to get offered the car rental or borrow Uncle Edgard’s car. Or just tell yourself that you’ll be careful of your monthly restaurants a little longer… 


Because the beautiful decoration of your room, the classy nice car or the flavor of your cocktails will not survive without the sweet photographs of this beautiful day! Think about it… That’s the most important reason to find the right wedding photographer.




For more information contact-me ! And if you want to watch my work, just go to my Instagram page! I hope I help you with your question : HOW CHOOSING WELL THE RIGHT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


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