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Marie Montibert

« PIC&LÖVE » meetings at home


You are probably familiar with the Tupperware or Tupperg** meetings. Who has never heard of them? Let me explain quickly: You are a dynamic young woman, you work a lot, you want to spend time with your friends to talk behind your boyfriend’s back and laugh in tears. Then you organise a shopping session at home. Kitchen utensils, various and varied toys, fine lingerie, beauty products, etc… There is something for everyone! And the hostess, the person who welcomes us at her place, depending on the number of reservations, is given a gift.

Well, I propose to you that I come to your home, to meet you and your friends (moms, moms, aunts or cousins – Without age limit!) and to propose you something new: a moment between girl friends at first sight yes we agree, but also a moment to share with the one you love. Exit the tools that cost a blind and that you use only 3 times a year or that no other member of your family will benefit from. Or just a gift or a beautiful gift to offer.

The idea is to show you my work, to show you my photos, to explain to you how I work, how I follow you in the process to create beautiful images. Boudoir, portrait, family, couple, at home or on a walk, anything is possible. Even talking about your wedding. I am a photographer. I capture the intimate, strong, and happy moments of your daily life or your life simpler. All around a good bottle of wine or a few cupcakes.
A moment between girls where we share, we exchange, where we bring down the reticence {We stop saying: I am not photogenic!!
Good luck to do something about me…} and you accept to be sublimated, to see the beauty that exists in you! And then in addition to making you and your loved ones happy, well your friend who organised the evening is offered a gift proportional to the number of orders.

These parties are a unique concept in the world. I’ve been wanting to propose it to you for a long time. I had to let other projects mature before. Now it’s up to me, it’s up to you, it’s up to us to make it exist! Welcome to the soft sessions of parenthesis…



« PIC&LÖVE » meetings at home




or each parenthesis between girls to talk photos and share a good time between girls/ guys/ couples {We are not sexist … eh;-) }, and sessions or photographic reports reserved, the hostess will receive a gift:

  • A voucher for photos offered on the gallery
  • A voucher for impressions subject to a session booked by herself
  • A voucher for a free photo session
  • Points to add up to be offered a photo session.

Do you like it? Invite 3 or more of your girl friends and we’ll organise it! write to me and then we will discuss your PIC&LOVE parenthesis and those that all this can bring you! See you soon!


« PIC&LÖVE » meetings at home

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