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Marie Montibert

Nicéphore My love


« Nicéphore My Love », that’s a nice title, isn’t it? Nicéphore is simply the name of this trailer. A beautiful trailer that was lovingly restored. It’s also a mobile photobooth!

Do you know what a nicéphore is? It’s one of the very first methods invented to capture light and create a photography! You can find a lot of interesting information about its creator Joseph Nicéphore Niepce and the history of photography on Wikipedia.

That’s it for the little history and culture part. How about I tell you a little bit more about this lovely trailer? Elodie Roal-Raynaud and her sweetheart decided to restore this old trailer from floor to ceiling and the doors to create an innovative concept, full of charm, that would bring a fresh touch to the world of weddings. A trailer that could be used as a photobooth during weddings! How cool is that???? Personally, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at A&J’s wedding! I almost left with it, but Elodie and Matt don’t know that!

The decoration of the trailer adapts to your style and the theme of your wedding. Yes, you read that right! You and your guests can spend hours dressing up and taking pictures, then go out for a drink, come back to take more pictures and follow up with a souvenir video that the bride and groom will remember for a long time! This is an essential part of your wedding entertainment service! With Nicéphore & Co, a unique atmosphere is guaranteed! Your guests will remember it for a long time, believe me!

The website is still under construction but you can contact Elodie via her facebook page. Oh, and her boyfriend is a videographer, just saying. He’s a video maker who rocks and I love his work and the color tones he uses! Does Marions-Nous Dans Les Bois remind you of anything?


Nicéphore My Love

Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (1)

Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (2)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (3)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (4)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (5)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (6)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (7)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (9)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (10)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (11)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (12)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (13)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (14)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (15)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (16)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (18)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (19)Corporate_Nicéphore&Co_Marie-Montibert_Photobooth-Cinematic (21)


Nicéphore My Love

For more information, contact me directly or write them via their website! You will soon find their beautiful trailer in my service provider’s booklet!

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