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Marie Montibert

My Trip to Sifnos


I wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year. Well, for starters… I hope 2020 will offer you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I also wanted to give you some warmth and sunshine to start the year. That’s why I’m sharing with you my pictures from my trip to Sifnos. And also a bit of what I experienced there.

The last few months, I shared two articles about the civil wedding of V&X in Lausanne and their beautiful wedding in the Cyclades Islands. I’ll tell you more about the other side of the story.

When I travel to a country like Italy or Spain, I maintain some control through the comfort of having my car, knowing the language, etc. But in Greece, I couldn’t rely on any linguistic or cultural knowledge. I know what you’re thinking: what do you mean, she’s not fluent in Cyrillic???? ūüėČ

I love flying but everything else is another story…landing, finding a taxi without getting ripped off (the guy tried!), finding my Bnb, not missing my wake up at 4:30 in the morning – I’m a late riser – finding another taxi that won’t try to cheat you…finding my boat. Arriving on the small island, getting my rental car – should I get an insurance or not? Going to my hotel…to end up alone, facing the sea and myself…

And there, the most dreadful moment… being alone. In 33 years, I’d never traveled alone…even more so since the birth of my son Elliot, who’s about to turn five. Five years is a long time…

I was petrified and scared to death when I got on my first plane. The weight of my responsibilities as a mother hit me when I sat in my seat. I started to cry. Scared. Scared that something would happen to my son. Or me. That I’d never see him again. I always wait until the plane lines up on the runway to turn off my phone. It’s a cliche, but I called my mother and she was a great comfort. And I was relieved when the plane took off.

But when I got to my Bnb in Athens, I had to have dinner. So I gathered my courage – I’m not usually very brave – and walked along the beach all the way to the marina. I found myself a small hype restaurant and that’s where I started to enjoy the pleasure of being alone.

And when I finally had to leave… I didn’t feel like going back. I didn’t want to leave my little guesthouse on the beach, my room bathed in light, the smell of bougainvillea and jasmine. The softness of the sun. The white, blue and terracottas colors of these idyllic landscapes. The soft sound of the surf.

When I got up in the morning, I could admire the sea as far as the eye could see. The Aegean Sea. A mythical sea. A water full of mystery. An expanse full of secrets. It shaped my childhood with its tales, stories, and mythology. Every morning, it was a fragment of history that I was lucky enough to caress with my eyes.

During my 4-day stay on the small island of Sifnos, I planned a small tourist tour to discover the jewels of this enclave… Let me take you for a ride.

My Trip to Sifnos




Je sais que nous sommes loin de mes articles consacr√©s √† mes reportages ou s√©ances photos mais je voulais te partager l’envers du d√©cor. Quand on est maman – mampreneuse – que l’on voyage et que l’on est une fille. Parfois encore une petite fille. Il faut savoir comprendre ce qui nous bloque, ce qui nous fait peur et se d√©passer pour avancer et grandir.

Si tu as envie de partager sous ce post ou de me poser des questions tu es bienvenu-e et je te r√©pondrai avec plaisir. Et puis j’esp√®re que tu as aim√© les photos de ce voyage. N’h√©sites pas √† me le dire!

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