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Marriages, micro-weddings or elopements?



This word, we talk about it at the table with our family, when we go out with our friends and also with our sweetheart. When we discuss the wedding, we often tend to think of the big reception hall, the endless guest list, the caterer and the photographer to contact. But there is more to a wedding than that. This event revolves around a celebration. This moment is the symbol of the perfect union between two individuals who love each other deeply. The wedding is indeed a very symbolic day in the life of a couple and it is normal to wish to gather the people you love to share this happiness.

Do you have an idea of the kind of wedding you would like to have? Are you still hesitating for a big and beautiful wedding? Let me guide you. I’ll show you how to think outside the box and what’s already out there!


You are probably wondering what an elopement is?

The term elopement comes straight from the United States, it corresponds to the modern definition of intimate marriage and a love elopement. The Elopement allows you to create a ceremony without the stress of traditional wedding preparations and focus solely on the union of the couple.

Years ago, many people thought that elopement was not a real wedding. Sometimes this meant that the couple made the decision to run away and leave their home in secret in order to get married without their parents’ permission. The idea of elopement evolves over time. The very idea of getting married has changed. Today, the word “elopement” also means “staggered marriage in privacy”.


At an elopement, a man stands in front of the bride with a bouquet If you are not too much for classical weddings, and you prefer to celebrate your love in small committee, far from the eyes of hundreds of other guests as it can be experienced in a traditional wedding. You will also like to break the codes of the classic wedding and create a moment based on your love, and the people essential to your happiness. The elopement is perfect for you! The elopement is only done with the couple, an officiant and sometimes the witnesses, that’s it!


Many brides and grooms choose the elopement to avoid the pressure, anxiety and obligations of a large wedding. This celebration is very intimate, and is often held in remote or extraordinary locations, such as in the middle of nature in a forest or by a lake. No one will disturb you there. Concerning the list of invited persons, you will not have to worry about the guests because you will be in small committee. This moment rests only on your union and this moment belongs to you entirely. You will not be bothered by the heavy workload of the classic wedding.


The elopement is often carried out in exceptional places, in another country or in a place out of the common. However, the displacements will be more complex, they are ecological disadvantages.

The second major disadvantage is the number of guests, you will not find large reception or large party. If you like to celebrate, and be surrounded by your family and friends, your tribe I let you read more about the micro-wedding or wedding. To close the subject of the elopement. The elopement is the new marriage of the generations to come for the only reason that this celebration is a way to escape from our daily life. It also brings together two people who love each other and allows the two of them to escape for a serene and soothing ceremony. It is known for its freedom, its simplicity but also its creativity. This celebration is the modern wedding that breaks the codes of the traditional wedding.


What is a micro-wedding?

If you don’t like big weddings with a hundred people but prefer a warm, private wedding that makes you dream. The micro-wedding is for you! This wedding allows you to create a beautiful ceremony with your most precious loved ones in a small group.

We will say between twenty to thirty people maximum. Indeed this ceremony is like a classic wedding but with a smaller guest list. The Micro-wedding is above all a warm event. This celebration values your personality and your tastes and allows you to focus on a return to the essential.

If you are not too much for classic weddings, and you prefer to celebrate your love in a small group, far from the eyes of hundreds of other guests as you can experience in a traditional wedding. You will also like to break the codes of the classic wedding and create a moment based on your love, and the people essential to your happiness. The elopement is perfect for you! The elopement is only done with the couple, an officiant and sometimes the witnesses, that’s it!


Une mariée regarde dehors

This ceremony allows you to celebrate your love with the people closest to you. The future bride and groom choose the people who are most important to them to participate in this unforgettable event. Currently, the micro-wedding has become very trendy because it consists in organizing a smaller event. It also allows the couple to celebrate it in an original place, such as in the middle of nature, on the edge of a lake, in a chalet in the mountains or on a beautiful boat. This type of ceremony is also both eco-responsible and economical: waste and expenses are reduced! With these savings, you can invest in a more beautiful wedding trip or another project.


There are not many disadvantages to micro-wedding. However, there is one decision that may complicate the type of wedding you choose: the guest list, as it will have to be reduced significantly. Your decision will probably not please your family if you have a tradition of large weddings. I advise you to choose your guests carefully, the micro-wedding risks to offend several relatives if they do not receive a nice invitation card ! To summarize, this ceremony is just as ideal as an elopement, the fact of planning less and having a limited guest list is also very practical. The micro-wedding is the trendy wedding right now! And even more so with the current situation. COVID TIME… It requires less work than a regular wedding but you can enjoy the festivities in a small group.



Wedding is a tradition in your family and you want to organize a beautiful and big wedding? As a child, you dreamed of a wedding? But if the dream still lingers in your dreamy head, the classic wedding is for you. The wedding is based on love, sincerity, tenderness, complicity and family support. The wedding is a unique moment for the people involved, it is a commitment to his or her beloved.

This act establishes a union between the groom and the bride that brings together their entire family, their friends and their closest colleagues. The emotion and the sharing will be there, I guarantee it! Every couple has different ideas about their wedding in terms of the number of guests, the style of the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, the choice of colors for the bridesmaids’ dresses, the choice of the venue and the choice of the caterer to have a perfect wedding.

This ceremony is just as important for the family and the happy couple. It is a magical moment that does not happen often and as a photographer I am here to accompany you, the bride and groom, and take the magical moments of this important day.


The wedding is a moment of happiness and especially of emotion. The traditional wedding gathers all the family, friends and acquaintances in the same place. You can enjoy the party while dancing, singing, laughing and crying with joy.

The advantage is that you can arrange everything you have dreamed of for years, like your best friend catching your bouquet once it is thrown in the air. And you probably know the prediction… One day it will be her turn… I find this little tradition funny, but I prefer its variant even more… The bouquet with ribbons.


The biggest problem with a traditional wedding is the amount of work you have to put into it. The last minute unforeseen events are multiplied for a traditional wedding. Guests who cancel, decorations that are not the right color, the florist who forgot about us… Like any event, there are always unforeseen events!

In summary, the wedding is as important for the bride and groom as it is for the family, it is the event of the year and surely of a lifetime. Especially when you see the price it costs. This ceremony is based on love, friendship and family. The wedding is for people who dream of the traditional wedding with the unlimited guest list and festivities.

What’s up? Weddings, micro-weddings or elopements? Now that you have seen three completely different types of weddings.

It is now up to you to choose the style and the ceremony that will fit you the most. But also the budget that you want to privilege. Weddings? Micro-weddings? Elopements? What is the best for you? If you are attracted by a secret ceremony as a love runaway, original, in an ideal setting. I advise you to do an elopement. If you don’t like the stress and preparations of big weddings, but you want to keep the idea of celebrating your love with your loved ones.

I recommend the micro-wedding. If you prefer to celebrate your beautiful union with all your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues in a very large space. It will be for you the traditional wedding. In any case leave me a comment after this article to tell me which team you are in! Weddings? Micro-weddings? Elopements?

What is my role as photographer in all this?

Without a photographer, the wedding has no memory.

My role as a photographer is to accompany you throughout the months of preparations, and the preparations of the D-day, then the ceremony and the rest of the day and evening. I am there to photograph the memorable moments of every moment of the wedding. The photos I take reflect the love between the two future brides and grooms.

My role is to put forward the couple to create beautiful photos in an ideal setting, whether it is in the mountains, by the lake, or the sea, in a field, indoors, the photos will always put the couple and their emotions in the center of the photo. It is not my job but my person who takes over afterwards in order to put the couple at ease. I play with the lights and colors to make the photo optimal.


As a photographer, I am often accompanied by a wedding planner, better known as a wedding planner.

If you’re worried that you can’t handle the wedding on your own. A wedding planner is there to help you, to listen to you and to create your wedding to perfection. This person proposes a service of accompaniment in the organization of marriage. Her mission will be to solve the problems of the bride and groom, of the service providers, to manage all the unforeseen events to offer a perfect wedding. This profession is very widespread in the United States and is in full development in France and Switzerland.

Now, more and more people ask for the help of a wedding planner because it is more pleasant. I know many people who regret not having a wedding planner for their wedding, including me! I advise you 100% to take a wedding planner, you will not be disappointed.

I advise you during our interviews depending on your wedding and the place, type and period to one or the other of my partners. Now do not hesitate to contact me to talk about your wedding or elopement and my service as a photographer and my offers for a film! See you soon !

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