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Marie Montibert

Let’s talk about getting ready for your wedding ?


You want beautiful pictures on your wedding day? Don’t miss your wedding getting ready planning  otherwise we will only see your stress on your beautiful face! I give you all my advice: timing and location! You can find my preparation pictures on instagram to give you an idea of the magic of this moment!

Let's talk about your getting reADy...


First I meet the groom on the D-day, I take his picture when he gets dressed. I take the opportunity to make some portraits, take the temperature and tell some jokes to relax the atmosphere. Count 30 minutes on average to put on your costume, maybe more if you have your makeup done. Then you give me 15 minutes to take some pictures to immortalize your beaugossitude. You are ready to share a moment of complicity before the ceremony with your loved ones!


I’m coming… I’m even running! Ladies, plan on 2 to 2.5 hours of preparation on D-Day, which will follow one another as mentioned below. First, your service providers have to settle in and you should count on 30 minutes to get your bearings! Then comes the hairstyle: bun, braids, curling iron or straightening … depending on the complexity of your hairstyle this step lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

Then the make-up artist will make you look beautiful for an hour or an hour and a half with her farandole of foundation, mascara, and blush. And there you are, you are definitely the most beautiful. Why do hair before makeup? The answer is simple: don’t get your skin wet!

You can give yourself a lunch break, no more than 20 minutes! And then hop in your perfectly fitted dress. Dressing takes about 20 minutes. Be careful, your witnesses or the people around you to help you put on your dress must be dressed themselves!

I always take about 15 minutes at this point to take some portrait photos.


I particularly like to immortalize those few minutes before the tumult! Writing your vows on a beautiful stationery or notebook reserved for this magical moment of contemplation can be the right moment to enjoy the calm before the whirlwind of feelings that will soon follow.

Not a fan of writing and already feel like celebrating?

Toast with your friends and family! Champagne, whiskey, beer or a little fresh juice… to each his own!

Offering a gift to those who accompany us is a ritual that I often find during this moment of preparation and it is so touching… When the bride offers a jewel to her witnesses for example, she also seals this moment for eternity with her closest allies.


When planning your wedding, you’ll need to decide on a location. It doesn’t matter if it’s a living room, a bedroom or another place. The place must be adapted to the number of people who will be present during this very special moment. In order for your service providers to do their job properly, you will need to provide enough natural light but also enough space to move around and not step on each other! Of course, in order to take nice pictures, this place will have to be clean and tidy, you wouldn’t want to see an old pair of socks lying around in the corner!


Because you are organized brides and grooms, you have planned lots of little accessories and you are also very proud of your stationery that you took several weeks to design according to your theme. It is also my role to take pictures to immortalize all these details that make your wedding so magical. I make compositions on the spot with your announcements, bouquets, buttonholes and also other accessories that are dear to you (sticker « I do », your vows, ribbons, a pretty handkerchief …).


The photos taken during the preparations are unique, they capture the atmosphere before the ceremony and all the (happy) tension. In order to take beautiful pictures, I often ask the makeup artists and hairdressers to do some retouching. It’s a bit of a « fake » because you are already gorgeous of course, but these details create the magical moments.

And here you are ready to join your carriage, heading for a fairy tale and the ceremony! To find more tips, check out my live on the preparations or my instagram posts. And if you want to contact me, it’s this way.

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