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Marie Montibert

Jessica & Jen’s Wedding


Lots of love, cheerfulness, and a wedding in perspective

« Jessica & Jens’s wedding » – a pleasant moment in the life of a photographer. One morning, I was surprised to receive an email from Jessica and Jens, following the Geneva wedding show in 2019. I immediately liked their story! 3 years earlier, these two hockey lovers met on the ice of the Lausanne rink. Since then they have never left each other. When we spoke, I felt the love between these two lovebirds. After a meeting under the sign of enthusiasm, I saw again Jessica and Jens on the day of their wedding at Coppet Castle. I had the great honour of assisting them on this wonderful and emotional day.



Wedding preparations that rhyme with festive

Quentin, Jens’ cousin, supports the groom to put on his grey suit and adjust the beautiful bow tie. A man sure of himself always havs some stress. And while Jens takes the road to the ceremony, Jessica finishes getting ready. A fine diamond adorns her neck and reminds the beautiful glittering wedding dress. An embroidered corsage on which are stitched beads on the tulle skirt. A princess dress like in fairy tales and with as a bonus, a smile worthy of a queen!


A common dedication: hockey

The secular ceremony takes place outside, in the gardens of the Coppet Room. The words exchanged by the witnesses and the speeches of the ceremonial officiant are touching. The emotion is present under my camera lens. The wedding rings are blessed and to finish this ceremony in beauty, the relatives raise hockey cross to form a hedge of honor. Hockey as a thread of this wedding, this sport is omnipresent because it is thanks to it that Jessica and Jens met!


A united couple

After the ceremony, let’s take pictures of the couple. It is always a moment that I appreciate, a little calm and peacefulness after the strong emotions and the party that is coming. The gardens are stunning and the place magnificent to serve as a setting for this love so strong. Jens twirls Jessica whose dress flies away, refers to romantic movies.


A successful wedding night

Once the photos of the couple are finished, we enter the Coppet room, the decoration of the simple and sophisticated tables attracts my gaze. And I’m surprised to discover a stylized J&J monogram highlighted from the hockey cross. Once again, the elegance of the bride and groom and their passion for hockey come together. The whole family laughs at the photo booth. It is an activity that appeals to all, to the youngest and the oldest. What better way to create happy memories and take them home as a souvenir? And of course the accessories of the photo booth were on the theme of hockey!

And they lived happily ever after

I had an unforgettable time and an incredible evening with Jessica, Jens, and their entire family. It is so important to have beautiful photos for memories, to share with your loved ones and children later. Who has never seen the photos of his parents on such a special day? It awakens in us positive waves and we still need them! If you want me to support you by immortalising your wedding; or if you need me to advise you to use a photo booth or if you simply want to exchange some text messages: write me !

JI present to you the beneficiaries of this marriage:

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