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Marie Montibert

Elegance & painting for Tifaine’s boudoir session


Tifaine’s boudoir session elegance & painting. It is in this dynamic that I thought and worked Tifaine’s shooting. A boudoir session or a bridal boudoir session.

The purpose of this session? During 3 hours, show that every woman can be beautiful. Every woman, whether she’s 30, 40, or 50 or 60 years old, has an attitude that makes her a solar person. A posture in which she is stunning. And it is up to me, photographer, wedding photographer but also a photographer of people, portrait photographer to prove it to you. It’s my job to steer the light, to play with the blinds to highlight or conceal this or that part of your body. It’s also very important to work with the right people to showcase you. Makeup and hairstyling are essential assets to put your beauty forward.

To be honest with you, I’m 1.70. I don’t like my nose, I don’t like my thighs. I don’t like myself over 60 kg. I had a child, I weigh 67 kg. I lose them and I take them back. I can’t play sports because it’s not in me, because I’m running out of time. And then I care so much about my work as a photographer, always offer you better quality, original things that I do not take time for myself. So yes, I have complexes. And I know how hard it is to look in a photo, in a mirror. To what extent the image we have of ourselves is distorted by our unconscious, by our fears… And that’s one of the reasons I’m a photographer. It’s important for me to show everyone that we can love each other. Partially, totally. That we can forgive ourselves for being who we are, perfection exists only thanks to Photoshop.

Whether you love yourself and want to affirm who you are, or you want to move beyond your complexes, you are welcome in my home. We take the time to get to know each other, to discover your life journey. We discuss what you like or dislike about yourself, what you expect from this session over coffee or tea. We imagine this session together so that you can see yourself in the pictures. The outfits are very important. Feel free to come up with examples of what you would like to achieve, it says a lot about who you are and what you like. During this session, we played with an oversized sweater, a hat, different lingerie, an undress. The crown of flowers brings a very romantic side.

For a bridal boudoir session, other choices are available to the young woman. The game of transparency with the veil is really delicate, it suggests without revealing. Your wedding dress can be staged if you already have it. This is a session I love to offer young women who are about to get married. The symbol of moving from a single woman to a married woman deserves to be taken for granted. Our sentimental life, our status is changing. We are no longer alone but two making life decisions. And what nice gift to give your future husband on the eve of the wedding? I can tell you that these gentlemen love it! And then we create at each painting a part of the story that we tell together through this session. Your story.

It’s an experience, a moment for you, you have nothing to do. My partners and I will take care of you. From the hotel room or the Bnb, makeup, and styling, and my work as a photographer. That is to say our meetings, our exchanges, the time of the shooting, the processing of the photos that will be delivered to you on a secure gallery, the so-called gallery and the number of photos that your bespoke offer will include and a box containing a USB flash drive with your photos in low definition for sharing on social networks and high definition for future impressions that you will be free to make at home or via any other provider. In the meantime, I’ll let you look at the different atmospheres we’ve created and the feelings that emerge from them.

You can also find an excerpt from this session and a nice article about our feminine complexes on the French blog DLBM or more clearly Dans les baskets de la mariée. Thanks to Linda & Marie for illustrating so beautifully the message I wanted to show through images. Thanks to the whole team for creating a moment out of time and trusting me.

Elegance & painting for Tifaine’s boudoir session


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