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Budget What budget for your wedding photographer


It is traditionally said that the budget for your wedding photographer is 12% of your overall envelope. When we look at the national averages, the average budget for a wedding in France is €26,000 while in Switzerland it is 35,000chf. It will therefore take approximately €3120 and 4200chf respectively for your wedding photographer position.
I’m not here to tell you that it’s good or bad if your marriage has an estimate below or above the average. I don’t think that’s a judgment call. Everybody sees where their priorities are and does it according to their wallet.

What’s the budget for your wedding photographer?

t’s always helpful, that this leads me to talk to you about other things: the content of the packages. It’s hard to compare the incomparable. And I’m not going to do it … I thought it was important to tell you to pay attention to certain criteria that will be different among all the packages that you will see such as the number of photos, the time taken, the handling of trips, the presence of an album or not – I’m not even talking about the quality, the size and the number of pages – or the quality of the photos rendered – are they retouched? All of it? Part of it? -.
Some photographers will not propose some of the packages they offer you. Others, like me, will offer you the possibility of a tailor-made quote. Everyone has their proper recipe. The whole thing is that the result pleases you! It’s up to you to find the right ingredients!!!


What’s the budget for your wedding photographer?

I remain available for any questions or information by email or via my contact page. Do not hesitate to contact me by talking to me about your project and I will be happy to develop a project with you so that it fits you completely. See you soon, I hope!



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