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Are you new to the wedding world? Are you being spoken to in a language you don’t seem to know? An elopement? What’s an elopement? Need a dictionary? Take this glossary created by a colleague LE JOURNAL DU MARIE and discover the meaning of these words … You will see a new world open to you. You will finally know all the aspects. 

And if you don’t find a word in this glossary, send me a comment below this article and I will be happy to add the missing definitions as we go along!



A first term straight from our Anglo-Saxon friends and which simply means “the bride”.


Here again an Anglo-Saxon term for “bride-to-be” or “bride”.
This one you will come across on all the trendy wedding blogs.


A tradition still new in France and which comes straight from America. The Bridal Shower is an event (brunch, tea party…) between girls where the bride is offered gifts or useful accessories. Unlike the bachelorette party, this reception organized by the best friends is placed under the sign of tranquility and cocooning.


A simple definition to understand, it is the contraction of the words Bride and Godzilla (do I need to introduce you to him?). A term that usually applies to the bride, but it can also fit you! With the stress and the ultimatum fast approaching, sometimes nerves can break down and one or both of the bride and groom can become unbearable monsters.


You guessed it, we are talking about the little figurine placed at the top of your wedding-cake or pièce montée.


Lay ceremony, Commitment ceremony, it is a ceremony without religious link. Although it also respects the highlights of a more traditional union, the bride and groom create it in their image. Most of the time, it is a ceremony officiant who proceeds to this ceremony. They can either accompany you for the preparation, or be present only on the D-day, or help one of your relatives to hold the wedding audience in suspense.


The candy bar is a must-have for any trendy wedding. It will please children as well as adults.


The D-day is the day of your wedding.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

So this term, you will see it!
DIY for Do It Yourself is the English equivalent of “home-made”. For weddings, we are talking about decorations, place cards or wedding favor boxes that are entirely handmade.
On blogs and forums, girls only talk about that. They exchange tutorials to make such or such decoration by hand. Originally reserved for small budgets, DIY is now a trend.


This is an alternative to the traditional table plan. It is a card with the names of each of your guests to be picked up at the entrance of the room and on which they can discover the name of their table.


Acronym of “Bachelorette party” for Bachelorette party and “Bachelor party” for Bachelor party.
You can find the origins of this tradition by clicking on this link.


The groom is the guy of the story! AKA the groom.


Union between two people. Can be a civil union, legal registration of this meeting with the state. Can be a religious ceremony (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim) or a symbolic union (secular ceremony, commitment ceremony)


Straight from the United States, this animation allows guests to take pictures of themselves alone, as a couple or as a group without the need for a photographer. The idea is to set up a small corner in the room with a nice decoration and to put a camera on a stand or to use a polaroid as well as accessories (hats, false mustache, etc.) so that your guests can let loose and leave you with uncluttered souvenir photos.


Generally, the invitation is sent 3 or 4 months before the wedding date. The Save the Date is a pre-invitation sent one year in advance and allows guests to be available on the date of your wedding.
The Save the Date is not always in the form of a card. Some people get creative and decorate badges or confetti bags while others make a funny video.


This is a photo shoot that takes place after the wedding and allows the bride to wear her wedding dress again in a more… surprising context. Here the goal is to make an unusual shooting where madam poses in an unusual context which radically contrasts with the universe of the marriage. Imagine your wife taken in picture with lions in a zoo or diving in the sea wearing her dress.


No more set pieces! The new trend coming from the US is the Wedding Cake. It is a wedding cake with several layers and composed of a thick sponge cake and a colored butter cream.
The decoration has an important part in the making of this cake. It can be fancy, very worked with many details or on the contrary minimalist.


The wedding planner is a person who will help the bride and groom during the preparation of their wedding. He/she manages the budgets, finds the service providers, makes sure that the back planning is respected. In short, a good fairy who will accompany the couple throughout this adventure that is the wedding.

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