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Marie !!!

hy did I make photography my job?

Life has given me the chance to express myself through the visual arts. Before I go into too much detail, let’s start with a synthetic presentation of who I am and what I like. The beginning…

Already as a young girl, chiaroscuro appealed to me. The magnificence of the curves obsessed me. The contrast of colors attracted me. The touch of the materials hypnotized me. It was only later that I abandoned painting for architecture and then photography.

It is by practicing, subject after subject, and by exchanging, conversation after conversation that it became essential for me like a deep therapy, to put the beauty of each one in exergue, to magnify an impalpable love, to make tangible an emotion, the essence of what makes you. Like an obsession, I will compose with the light and the nuances of your emotions. I will make you beautiful, magnify you. The photo conceals a hidden meaning, a divine meaning – sfumato, neither blurred nor sharp – perceptible to those who open their heart.

Story. You & Them.

Environment. Time.

I’m a young woman with multiple jobs, yes I do 1000 things a day. mother of a little boy, wife, girlfriend, creator and entrepreneur, photographer, retoucher, graphic designer, accountant… I don’t know what to tell you, so I’ll use the words of a friend “Clem”:

It was while traveling through the great Australian spaces on board a converted van that I (re)discovered and developed my love for photography. I was fascinated to capture bits of this vastness in my camera.

Also passionate about drawing, I like to compose aesthetic images, full of emotions, authenticity and delicacy. Of warmth, too. I believe that we all need it, and that it represents well the events that I like to immortalize.

As a professional specialized in weddings for more than 4 years, I have at heart to offer you a quality work, and to put your personality and your emotions in light. This is why it is important for me to get to know you. That the feeling passes. So that we feel comfortable to share these moments so intimate on the D-day. And to be able to give you the best of myself.

My friends say about me that I am very attentive, always listening while being also a bit of a piplette :). That I am always there to propose all kinds of activities – more or less crazy – and that I am a very curious and epicurean person.

I gave up a 10 year career in building management to start all over again. To discover the life of an entrepreneur, this life with countless jobs while managing my life as a mother and a woman. I knew photography. I knew how to manage projects. That was it. I trained, I went back to my accounting classes, I exchanged with others, I questioned myself and I persevered, doubted, moved forward and succeeded. And today you are reading me!

I reveal myself personally and professionally every day. I dare to go further than I could have imagined years ago. I find myself. I discover myself. I have a thirst for new things, for challenges. I am insatiable. Too much for my family. Establishing a balance is complicated for me. I think fast, faster and I never stop projecting myself in new things.

The rest of my presentation will have to be done over a drink or a coffee! It will be much more pleasant. And that way you can tell me about yourself too! It will be your turn to make your “presentation”…

And if you want to discover my Boudoir world

I love the ocean and the sun
I like snowy mountains
I like to laugh with my friends
I like dried flowers
I like it to be harmonious
I'm addicted to latte macchiato

Marie Montibert - Introduction