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What is a portfolio ?


masculine noun
1. A pouch, box, or binder containing photographs or prints.
2. A file put together by an art or fashion professional to present his or her work.

MERCI WIKI: A portfolio or portfolio is a personal file in which a person’s training and experience are defined and demonstrated for recognition by an educational institution or employer. In France, we sometimes see the term portfolio of skills. With the development of digital technology, we now speak of a digital portfolio or cyberfolio.

A portfolio differs from a resume in that the information it contains is organized around a purpose, such as a job application, and it must also present evidence of the individual’s prior learning.

The term portfolio is most commonly used in the arts, particularly in the fields of graphic design, photography and web-based game design. It is also known as a “book”. The portfolio is also used in the presentation of artistic projects intended for distribution. For example, the artist wishing to respond to a call for submissions from an art gallery and/or a performance hall will have to create a portfolio with this objective in mind.

Etymologically, the term portfolio comes from two Latin words portare which means to carry and folium for sheet of paper. Around 1719 in Italian, it refers to a case for carrying unbound documents, which is similar to the English term that translates into a double folding box that was used to hold papers. Used in many fields, such as architecture, graphic design and visual arts, the portfolio is usually used to showcase the author’s best work and expertise.

You are here on the cyberfolio of . I welcome you in my world. You will find my photographs, films, graphic creations and websites. Thank you for your kindness and your interest. Marie Montibert.

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