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Yellow Flowers & Grande Cariçaie


Yellow Flowers & Grande Cariçaie


It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. The week started out quite busy and I got a little overwhelmed. As a result, I must confess that I lost track of what I wanted to share with you. This is why I choose to show you Marielle & Simon’s engagement shoot this week. It’s all about nature, love and happiness.

We met in the Cariçaie nature reserve on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, near Cudrefin. I must admit that I had never heard of this place. It was a wonderful discovery for me! This is a place where I will bring my family for a walk. There are trails to wander through the woods, walking paths along the canals, bird-watching huts, and reed fields as far as the eye can see. It’s a wonderful place to spend some time alone and do a photo shoot.

We walked for a little more than 2 hours in this wide plain. The lake shore was the scene of hugs, playful bickering, laughter, cuddles and moments of love. It was a beautiful moment of tenderness that I am delighted to share with you…

Once again, I would like to thank this beautiful couple from the bottom of my heart for their kindness, their trust and their warm welcome. I am happy I crossed their path. I also wanted to share with you that Marielle is a jeweller from Neuchâtel and that she makes beautiful wedding rings! This is her website: Trust me, her work is incredible. You will soon be able to discover the rings she created for her wedding…


Yellow Flowers & Grande Cariçaie


Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-13_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-23_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-27_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-38_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-41_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-55_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-62_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-86_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-93_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-97_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-122_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-127_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-131_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-133_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-140_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-142_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-164_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-176_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-185_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Séance-Engagement_Cariçaie-Lac-Neuchatel-190_BLOG

Did you enjoy this little photo report? Feel free to take a look at the short article I’m preparing for next week… A little hint: it usually comes right after an engagement photo it lasts a whole day and she’ll be wearing a pretty white dress that looks very romantic!

I’m available to answer your needs if you also want to share a moment as a couple, a simple moment of love, without fuss. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the contact form, by email or by phone. All the information is on my contact page!

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