Marie Montibert

Satin & Nude Boudoir


Satin & Nude Boudoir… took place in the spring on the Vaud Riviera. She is a beautiful, yet simple, mother and wife… She contacted me to take boudoir pictures for her husband’s birthday. A gift to give… isn’t that a good reason to treat yourself?

She welcomed me in her home, a beautiful apartment overlooking Lake Geneva. We shared a tea and talked about the outfits she wanted to wear and the pictures that inspired her. Then we gently started the shoot. She chose cosy but feminine outfits and we decided on the bedroom. Movement. Sensuality. Softness. She changed her outfit for something a little more undressed, we stayed in the bedroom, then moved to the living room, playing with the sheets, the light, the walls, and the background. New change of lingerie. We go back to the living room, then to the bedroom. The bed is a beautiful playground. We suggest in a subtle way, we underline small details. We laugh, we smile… And we end the session in a nice atmosphere. We share for about 2 hours, naked under my lens and my benevolent eye.


Satin & Nude Boudoir



Une séance boudoir

A photo shoot with me is not done without preparation. It’s important for me to know you. We will have a chat about the session. I’ll answer all your questions. I will prepare a few guide shots so that you can project yourself. We will talk about your outfits and the order in which you’ll slip into them. I will also send you a questionnaire to get some information about you so I can get to know you a little better. I also want to know about your vulnerabilities and your complexes. I want prepare the shoot considering all of this. I simply want to know you.

I recommend that you wear makeup and do your hair. The session has a certain cost. It is often an important step in most people’s lives, something you do exceptionally. You want to look beautiful in the pictures. A make-up artist and a hairdresser are indispensable. They will know how to work on your features to enhance your eyes and mouth, adapting them to the shoot’s atmosphere and the clothes you will wear. In my opinion, this planning determines most of the results.

During the photo shoot, I will observe you, guide you, suggest poses. It’s important that you tell me if you feel uncomfortable, cold, or stressed, as it will show in the pictures. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with me, it will only make your session more personalized.

I suggest you go to my Boudoir page to get more information on my rates and services when you trust me to capture your beauty… you can also take look at the pictures of this shoot. Thank you N for trusting me and letting me share some pictures of your session…

Satin & Nude Boudoir



I suggest you contact me if you would like to overcome your complexes, get under the spotlight, feel beautiful and slightly exposed. We can discuss a future session in which I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and look hot!!

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