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What's a newsletter?

Thanks to Wikipedia we have an answer…

A newsletter, electronic newsletter, infoletter, e-letter, newsletter or information letter, is an information document sent periodically by e-mail to a mailing list of all the people who are subscribed to it. A newsletter can also be downloaded from a website…

An electronic newsletter allows, for example, to receive directly by e-mail information on :

the news files of an online newspaper (in the form of short news) ;
the summary of certain publications;
the new products and promotions of a commercial company
the activities of an association, etc.
If the newsletter is sometimes published only in text mode, its design is often in line with the visual identity of the organization or website that publishes it.

The periodicity of a newsletter is variable (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) depending on the sites and the nature of the information. Newsletters, which are generally free of charge, are most often archived on the websites that issue them.

Many content management systems integrate newsletter management into their standard functions. It is also very easy to integrate similar services into a web page.

Use for spam
Subscribing to many newsletters can lead to pollution and saturation of the recipient’s mailbox with spam. Some sites sell the email addresses of newsletter subscribers to companies that use them to send unsolicited messages.

To receive news from a website, using an RSS feed reader is another possibility, as well as following the Twitter account of the website or its Facebook fan page.