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Gold and Ochre in Piedmont


“Gold and Ochre in Piedmont” is what I wanted to call this article and series of travel photos. Full of sunshine and warmth, this series from my trip takes us to northern Italy, a region traditionally rooted in wine and agriculture. The province of Asti produces some of my favorite beverages! An elixir for the taste buds: the sparkling white Moscato d’Asti and the Brachetto red, also a sparkling wine! Did you ever try them?

I had the opportunity to discover this part of Italy thanks to the N&G’s wedding. In my next article I will show you a clip from their wedding. Romantic and delicate. As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I often travel abroad. You recently saw my trip to the Cyclades Islands in Greece and to Reunion Island. Today I’m sharing with you “Gold and Ochre in Piedmont“.

I let my heart be carried away in a warm, yellow and ochre world during this wedding weekend. An incomparable softness overwhelmed me. A feeling of communion with this red earth. During the golden the sunsets, the sun caressed me and painted my surroundings with beautiful deep yellow reflections.

This is what I wanted to convey through the pictures I took of this trip. I wanted to show you the simple beauty of this Piedmontese landscape. The authenticity of the villages of Asti. The stillness of summer. The softness of the cricket chants. The color of the earth. Of gold and ochre, Piedmont you fill my heart with comfort in this cold winter.

I’m not going to pretend that the grim period you’re going through doesn’t affect me. I’m forced to think of you, dear northern Italians. At the heart of your misery. Of your autarky. Italy, Piedmont, Asti. Besieged by a virus of which we still know very little. I would like to remind you that even if winter and its gloom are everywhere, tomorrow will be sunny, you will be beautiful and you will shine with gold and ochre all over the world. So hold tight and draw comfort from the gift I offer you.


Gold and Ochre in Piedmont

Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_5_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_2_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_9_BLOG

Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_7_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_11_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_22_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_12_BLOGMarie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_3_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_17_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_18_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_21_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_25_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_30_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_26_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_15_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_20_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_29_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_31_BLOG Marie-Montibert_Travel_Destination-Photographer_Italy-Piemont_32_BLOG

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