Marie Montibert


Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional “Frequently Asked Questions” allows you to find answers without asking me. Find information that speaks to you and that interests you. I don’t think that everything is there far from it. I have tried to gather the most common questions about my work and to synthesize them by answering them quickly.

Obviously if you need more information about this “Frequently Asked Questions”, don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact form or write me an email to which I will answer quickly. I promise!

What is my equipment?

I work with two Nikon full frame cameras (2 D750 cameras) and my lenses are also 100% Nikon.


Am I insured for my work, the damages I can cause? Do I have backup equipment?

Of course I am insured for my equipment, breakage, breakdown and theft. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that it won’t happen. On the other hand, I have several boxes and therefore if one of them breaks down, I can ensure my service.


Do I come on site before the service to do a survey?

I do a preliminary location via Google Earth, the website of the place. All the interest of my profession, my work and my knowledge is to know how to make you look good whatever the place. I am reactive and adaptive. You can therefore trust me.


Do I do video?

My job is photographer and not videographer. At this account I do not make video but I advise you to choose for an event as important as the wedding to take a videographer. I will be happy to recommend several professionals whose work and personality I know and with whom I have partnered to create a team of trust.


How long does it take to process and deliver the photos?

I reserve between 1 and 3 months to deliver the photographs to your personal gallery.




How many photos do I deliver?

I usually take several thousands of pictures during a wedding day (between 2000 and 6000 pictures, even 8000 pictures!). I sort these photos to keep a much smaller number. I send you a random number of photos that depends on your wedding, its form, its content. I do not have a maximum. The entirety of the photos is delivered in color and I choose a certain number of photos to create a mini reportage that I also work in black & white.


Do I work with anyone?

Apart from my team with whom I work and who I prepare and train for each service, I work alone most of the time. A trainee can come and work with me on your event, this can also happen.

However, beyond 110 guests and/or according to the planning of the day, I work with a second shooter. It is mandatory that I charge between 400 and 700. This is the subject of a supplement in my estimate. If I am unable to provide my service, I provide another replacement photographer who will provide the service perfectly. I take care of the post-processing. Let’s be positive, this has never happened to me.


How can I be booked?

To book me, it is important that you contact me, that we meet or talk by Skype, then that we establish a quote. Once the quote is signed, you will have to return it to me signed and proceed to the transfer of 30% of the contract amount. The rest is due at the latest the week before the wedding.


What type of payment should I use?

The bank transfer is the easiest and fastest way for you and me to transfer the amount due. On the other hand, if you make a transfer from another currency, it is important to charge the costs of this transfer to your bank or account.

Thank you for reading my “Frequently Asked Questions”.