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Wild Desires


“Wild Desires”is also to present to you the beauty of an exotic wedding that has the power to take you far… far away. Through the images of an inspirational shoot, join the atmosphere of a tropical, wild and colourful wedding.

In these conditions, the creations made for this photo of inspiration tell the story of a queen who gets married: the wealth of the jewels, their gold color, and finally the various stones recall the highness of the royal world. Vera wears a beautiful long dress, close to the body. Marked by many lace details; simple and noble. An amazing piece in keeping with inspiration. The wedding table, the ornate armchair, and the candlelight allow creating an intimate and privileged atmosphere; haughty and marked.

Certainly, you guessed it, the vegetation is of course at the heart of this theme. And for good reason! Head for Papiliorama, where a tropical climate is present and brings us to the fascinating world of the tropics. You will understand, there’s plenty of vegetation. It is for this reason mainly enhanced by warm touches: pink, red, yellow, orange, which are brought by the flowers and put, even more, to the honor of the tropical world.

I let you, among other things, guess the matters of taking pictures in a tropical environment: that is, 35 degrees and 100% humidity. Technically speaking, this shooting proved to be complicated: All the material had to be left in the greenhouse to get used to the atmosphere. It could not be taken out to avoid having to put it back to temperature and the optics being covered with fog. And yes, it was necessary to comply with this place and these aspects.

FFinally, it seems that these technical difficulties have mostly helped me to do my best. I loved highlighting the work of the service providers, thanks to this beautiful couple who knew how to play the game during the shooting. A team I know and fully recommend. So if you want to collaborate with me or one of my partners or if you have any questions you can contact me here or find us on the different Instagram pages!



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A Civil Wedding in Nyon


“A Civil Wedding in Nyon” is the story of Clémence and Roland, we met during a mini-session. I thank them again for putting their trust in me. Last September, I had the chance to photograph the civil wedding of Clémence and Roland in the Château de Nyon. A stone case full of story that begins a fairy tale. I didn’t need more to feel in my element.


Clemence’s elegance in her fluid dress, the radiance of her smile and the sweetness that can be read on Roland’s face, this magical moment… The couple walks in the gardens, hand in hand, next to the imposing medieval residence. The cheerfulness and lightness of the moment transport us out of time. Then, they enter the castle and the enchantment continues in the maze of romantic galleries where many colourful murals are spread out. Then under the enigmatic gaze of the lord of the place, silent witness of this moment, the two lovers cross the shady curtain.

A few moments later, we meet in front of the Civil Registration Officer and a joyful committee with which we celebrate the civil marriage of Clémence and Roland. Between bursts of laughs and emotion, the moment is touching. Then we meet all together outside to take some group photos. And in the background, what better than a lake with calm water topped by a blue sky? And in the distance, the mountains are the detail of this union under the sign of eternal happiness.

I leave with regret this endearing family and these beautiful newlyweds. This afternoon, as brief, as it is intense, I will have a last memory. And they lived happily ever after, surrounded by the people they cherish most in the world.

A Civil Wedding in Nyon


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Surfer Paradise Love

Marie Montibert Photo Mariage Aquitaine Plage Arcachon Pyla 177 BLOG

Surfer Paradise Love – In the middle of Aquitaine The inspiring Surfer Paradise session took place on a beautiful day on the Grand Croc beach near Cap Ferret. Some people certainly know Arcachon, it’s not that far away. We’re also very close to Bordeaux and Les Landes. It’s difficult to access, we walked more than … Read more

Getting Married or Elope In Autumn

Marie Montibert Photo Decoration Inspiration Portes Des Iris Ceremonie Laique 58 BLOG

Getting married or elope in Autumn Most people that I met, want to get married in the spring or summer. But since I’ve been living in Switzerland, it’s obvious that our beautiful country offers magical opportunities no matter the season. I have chosen to propose a wedding or elopement for this autumn! Fall Wedding – … Read more

Romantic Sage Elopement


ROMANTIC SAGE ELOPEMENT Although this fall day is rainy, this Romantic Sage-inspired session is a success. First of all, we are in an ideal place to celebrate an elopement. And remember, this ceremony takes place in a very small committee. And what better than an enchanting setting like this private castle in the heights of … Read more

Snow & delicacy, an elopement in the Wallis mountains


Snow & delicacy, an elopement in the Wallis mountains. This inspiration shows how different and mesmerising a winter wedding can be. Despite the cold, the warmth magnifies a union, a celebration that celebrates the love of two people.

This elopement took place on March 14th, in the mountains of Monthey, in an unusual and luxurious hotel in the canton of Wallis. This event is an inspiration. I am a wedding photographer, but I especially like winter weddings. It shows a feeling of fullness, of bliss during winter unions. The snow highlights the love of the couple, magnifies the landscapes. Shared emotions are so much stronger! Let’s be honest, cold warms hearts!

That’s why I started this collaboration. Bringing together the best wedding service providers in Switzerland was essential for me. But what is even more important and that every time I take my camera to photograph you and freeze the important moments of your life, is to offer you an unprecedented experience. Getting married can be organized differently, outdoors in winter, in a small committee or at night under the stars, in the heart of the mountains. So big and majestic for an equally exceptional wedding!!

In the meantime, I let you discover the photos and the video of this beautiful day! A beautiful walk that was full of snow and delicacy! Oh yes before I forget! Impossible to finish this article without telling you! you know what? « L’apprentie Mariée » just published us on her blog! Don’t hesitate to read her article! I loved what she said! Thank you Clélia!!!

Snow & delicacy, an elopement in the Wallis mountains


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A civil wedding on the shores of Lake Léman in the small village of Hermance


A civil wedding on the shores of Lake Léman in the small village of Hermance is the sweet moment of K & F that I present to you today. Their civil marriage in a small committee, far from the stress of the big day, took place in mid-December in the small lake village of the canton of Geneva. The first snowfall covered the area, the weather is mild. I join the family and the bride and groom in the courtyard of the pretty town hall of Hermance. We go up to the top floor, in the wedding hall. It is a large wooded and vaulted room, highlighting the beautiful curves of a deliciously architectured framework. The ceremony takes place in two languages because the bride is from Eastern Europe. A translator is there to allow the family to understand the words of the Mayor. The ceremony is filled with beautiful emotions, sweet looks, smiles, and a few tears. Then we go down to the courtyard to immortalize the moment with a group photo. And we head to the Auberge d’Hermance where a colourful cocktail awaits the newlyweds and their guests.

I have a beautiful table decoration waiting for me. I enjoy photographing its details. The light is beautiful. It is elegant. It magnifies the gold that adorns the crockery. The cardinal red, purple of the flowers adds a note of poetry to this set.

We even take advantage of a ray of sunshine to take pictures of couples. The first meeting after the family exchanges, then congratulations, the moment of breathing, and the reunion of the couple. I love this moment because they discover themselves as husband and wife. The look changes. It’s fun to call yourself Sir or Madam. We stroll through the charming streets of this small town after a detour by the lake and the sublime winter light that shines on the lake. I leave you after these few words with the photographic report of this sweet day.

A civil wedding on the shores of Lake Léman in the small village of Hermance

Mariage-civil_Hermance_Hiver-Neige-Lac (34)

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Sarah & Noah’s wedding

Marie Montibert Photo Mariage Geneve Chene Bourg Bossey Voile Amour 652 BLOG

Sarah & Noah’s wedding Sarah and Noah’s marriage is still very much alive and present in my mind. The story of the couple was touching, their love is sincere and their relationship is very strong. The wedding took place at the church and then at Bossey Castle where we took pictures of the couple and … Read more

Lena & Sebastien’s wedding

Marie Montibert Photo Mariage Morat Sugiez Automne Terracotta Cuivre Trendy Tendance 545 BLOG

Lena & Sebastien’s wedding An autumn wedding with friends Léna and Sébastien celebrated their wedding in Fall. I had the chance to photograph them for the first time during an engagement session, find the photos here. Lena and Seb are long-time friends and it was Lena that I left my son for the first time … Read more

Jessica & Jen’s Wedding

Marie Montibert Photo Mariage Coppet Vinzel Ete Lac 3 BLOG

JESSICA & JENS’S WEDDING & JENS Lots of love, cheerfulness, and a wedding in perspective “Jessica & Jens’s wedding” – a pleasant moment in the life of a photographer. One morning, I was surprised to receive an email from Jessica and Jens, following the Geneva wedding show in 2019. I immediately liked their story! 3 … Read more