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Bride-To-Be & MakeUp With CCMaquillage

You dream of being the most beautiful on your wedding day? The secret: the beauty treatment. Christèle Rouquier Rozelot of CCMaquillage shares her secrets and her experience with you to help you on the big day and before. For 18 years, Christèle has been creating exceptional beauty looks for unforgettable weddings. After a BTS in dietetics, she also has an artistic career in skating. It is her passion for the show that led her to train at the prestigious Make up Forever Paris school. Then Christèle left the greyness of Paris to join her region of heart: the Haute Savoie. She started as a make-up trainer in Switzerland and then opened her own make-up school and created CC MAQUILLAGE. CC makeup is not only a beauty institute, it is also a school that offers self-makeup courses or, depending on the season and the event, artistic makeup courses (Halloween for example). And as Christèle wants to share all her tips and tricks, she has also opened her store so that you can get the best beauty products on the market. Both ecological and committed to women’s rights, you’ll find the 1944 brand (the year women got the right to vote!) for a range that is both natural and very feminine but also affordable. HOW TO PREPARE YOUR SKIN BEFORE THE WEDDING FOR A SUCCESSFUL MAKEUP AND A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY? It is necessary to prepare your skin properly a few weeks before the big day. Stop peeling the day before, which highlights all the imperfections of the skin. Exfoliate up to a week before the wedding and moisturize your skin, that’s really the secret of a radiant complexion. The same goes for waxing, which should be avoided the day before the wedding day, otherwise you risk redness and small pimples. By following these simple tips, you’re guaranteed peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than a stressed-out bride with dark circles because she’s psyching herself out because of a flashing light in the middle of her forehead! It’s also thanks to these little tips that Christèle is able to accompany brides at their best, including during a trial. It is the ideal moment to advise you on the right products and beauty rituals to make you even more beautiful. The trial is also the opportunity to confide in her that your grandmother doesn’t know about the tattoo on the back of your neck and that it should be covered up to avoid a drama on the most beautiful day of your life. Or you can confide in her that you hate your ultra short eyelashes and would like to try extensions. The advantage is that your hair and makeup will be done all day, which will be the ideal opportunity to check that the products suit you perfectly (even if we have no doubt about it). On the big day, it’s time for the “real” hair and makeup application and it’s also the opportunity to make up your guests (about ten). Christèle comes accompanied by hairdressers to satisfy everyone. YOU TOO, YOU WANT A NATURAL LOOK DURING YOUR BEAUTY SESSION? WE TELL YOU EVERYTHING… Who doesn’t want to look beautiful naturally? Okay girls, but you have to take into account the tears, the bad weather so you will look natural but with makeup! The more your skin is moisturized the more the foundation will hold and the shades are to be thought beforehand according to your skin tone. What about mascara? Forget waterproof mascara if you wear contacts (this product dries out your eyes even more) but long live it! Then use a super fixative before and after makeup, professional long-lasting products and you’re done. It’s all about the right amount of powder: too much will crack, not enough will J HOW DO YOU MANAGE THE HAIR DURING A BEAUTY SESSION ? You have to plan the highlights and coloring well in advance, and avoid using masks the day before, otherwise the hairstyle won’t hold. On the big day, we always do the hairstyle before the makeup because if we have to rewet the hair, we damage the makeup. It is better to leave a little length, even if it means cutting it after the wedding. AND AFTER FOR THE SKIN AND THE HAIR WHICH RITUALS ? First of all, don’t go to bed with your makeup on! Remove your makeup with milk, oil or lotion. Implants will leave on their own. The best thing is to do a real treatment with a scrub and mask for the face. For the hair, after removing the clips, you should massage the scalp, shampoo twice and apply a mask. IT’S ALMOST THE END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATIONS, WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND ? The best is the smokey eyes with a nude mouth, a lengthening or volume mascara and an eye liner! Dare the eyelighters and implants to give depth to the eyes! Find this video on Instagram, find out who Christèle is here and tell me what you thought over there!
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Bride-To-Be & MakeUp With CCMaquillage

You dream of being the most beautiful on your wedding day? The secret: the beauty treatment. Christèle Rouquier Rozelot of CCMaquillage shares her secrets and