Marie Montibert



Craation. Muse.

Every wedding is unique, legitimate and important. I’m going to share with you my approach to my work, my vision, my values as a person and even more as a photographer.

It is an approach that I share with the people I work with. The photographers that I train and who make up my team and the videographers with whom I partner to create even more beautiful memories for you.

First of all, because you are unique, as individuals and especially as a couple. The place you choose will create that exclusive atmosphere that will characterize your wedding. All your choices will contribute to this.

You are irreplaceable, your loved ones are necessary. They are the ones who will give a soul to your wedding. It is thanks to them that you will feel totally happy. Happy to share these incredible moments. From the emotional intimacy of the preparations to the palpable electricity of the dance floor, it is your story that I will tell.

Like a painting, I will cherish it and bring it to light. To soak up your essence, to be inspired by what you are. My muses.


My approach ...

A painting respects some essential rules:

Composition, Harmony of colors, fineness of the line.

A perfect marriage is part of this balanced and subtle mixture of what you like.


It is your story that I tell, that I soak up, that I approach. On your wedding day, I will not change your story, it is the story that makes you love each other. That makes you get married. And that I am there. This is why it is necessary that I know you, through your testimonies, our meetings, our exchanges.

This is my approach. It may seem intrusive, maybe not, it is me. And it alone allows me to create photos that are not a parody of your couple. The photos of a life.


The place, the context, the atmosphere will now be able to tell your story, that of your couple, of your meeting, but especially that of this day when you decided to bind yourselves to each other.

You and Them


The place is the envelope of your wedding.

It will give your party that special atmosphere that you have thought about, reflected and prepared throughout these months in the most particular details.

I like these places that have character, that reflect your character. I like to capture those details that make you who you are because they say what you like.

I need to be able to register

your wedding in its uniqueness.

Like a canvas that I paint, I sketch you, I suggest you and I draw you, each minute more precisely. You two, and those present or absent, but important, chosen to be present at your wedding, I inscribe you in the environment to start telling your story.


A marriage, whatever it is, respects a recurrent chronology. Although it is part of a temporality of its own. The preparations take place before the ceremony. And the dance closes the day.

But every day is different. The sun rises and sets at a different time. The weather affects the brightness.

I am convinced that if the time is right, your photos will be sublimated.


My team and I are available to discuss how we work on a wedding or elopement, the approach we take, or simply a session of THE APPROACH WE HAVE, with you over coffee or drinks, physically together or through a video conference. simply and joyfully.